Summer Truffle Tagliatelle 250g

Summer Truffle Tagliatelle 250g

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Tagliatelle pasta, one of the world’s most famous Italian pasta, along with truffle create one of the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine. Urbani Tartufi amalgamated the pure truffle into the mixture of tagliatelle, creating one of the top selling products of the entire range of the company.

Thus were born the Truffled Tagliatelle. A specialty whose use it is extremely diverse in the kitchen being able to give every recipe that added value that only the truffle can give. Urbani Tartufi Truffled Tagliatelle are made with flour mixed with pure water without additives and dyes and dried in low temperatures.

This special process preserves the organoleptic properties of the product. You can taste the Truffled Tagliatelle alone, by simply adding butter or seasoning it with truffle sauce, for those who want more taste of truffles, or even with different types of condiments such as tomato sauce or a carbonara. We put the quality and taste, to you the freedom to create.