Antonius Caviar is a Polish brand of some of the finest caviar in the world (ranked 2nd globally), directly and extremely carefully extracted from Russian and Siberian sturgeon.

With over 30 years of experience in sturgeon breeding, Antonius Caviar make good use of their 2600 hectares of crystal clear waters in totally non-urbanised areas, producing their product via one of the most innovative processing plants in the world today.

The world-famous brand which sells almost 20 tonnes of caviar in a year (keeping in mind that one tin is as little as 30 grams) has three Fish Farms in which the sturgeon's natural living conditions are replicated as much as possible during their breeding process.

From environmental reproductions, to food, water and health, all aspects are carefully monitored and curated to ensure the quality of the caviar. Next, it is processed in highly sterile conditions, and is supervised by qualified food technologists and ichthyologists in the company's world-renowned processing plant.

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